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Go Travel and Talk provides detailed travel guides to worldwide destinations, with all the information you need to explore and make a positive impact. Go Travel and Talk also offers a space for travellers to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and EDUCATE each other through sharing valuable insights on our community blog. 

Go Travel and Talk has been created by a growing community of travellers, with the goal to EMPOWER each other to do just that, go travel and talk.

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Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Blog Feature of the Month’ March 2019 goes to 'The Green Shoestring' by Sam and Ashley, sustainable travel bloggers from the US.
The problem of plastic is at an all time high. The question is, with over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic currently in our oceans, can we save our planet?
Guatemala's unsafe tap water has led to fatal effects within local communities. Join Go Travel and Talk as we explore Guatemala's water problem and the remarkable invention of water…

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