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A travel network connecting people, places, and organisations, empowering each other to EXPLORE, SHARE and IMPACT!

Go Travel and Talk provides detailed travel guides to worldwide destinations with solo travellers in mind. We bring together all the information you need to explore solo and make a positive impact when you do! Go Travel and Talk also offers a space for our network to CONNECT, INSPIRE and EDUCATE each other through sharing valuable insights on our community blog. 

Go Travel and Talk has been created by a growing community of solo travellers, with the goal to EMPOWER each other to do just that, go travel and talk.

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Travelling alone can be scary, overwhelming and down right terrifying. BUT, it could also change your life, here's how...
Volunteering in Northern Vietnam in the Ha Giang Provence with the Hill Tribes changed the way I see the world. It was an eye opening experience and one I knew I had to share.
Planning for an upcoming trip to South America can mean a packing list nightmare! Luckily, Go Travel and Talk have got you covered, with our Backpacking Essentials For South America.

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