Top 10 Sustainable Travel Essentials With A BIG Positive Impact!

Posted 10th Jun 2019
Top 10 Sustainable Travel Essentials With A BIG Positive Impact!

Travelling and packing go hand in hand. In reality, you don’t need to pack anything to enjoy another country, but, if you did want to take some great items with you, A Circle Back has everything you need! All of the items listed below are sustainable and will last for many years to come, whilst supporting independent and thoughtful brands, creating you're very own positive impact.

A Circle Back is an online and retail pop-up store concept bringing together modern, design-led, ethical and sustainable brands that give back. Our name represents 'full-circle living' - thinking about ways of living in which we can give back in some form; to the planet, to the people, and in return to you too. 

Hi, I'm Melissa, and I started A Circle Back because I found it really hard to find products like the ones outlined below all under one 'roof'. I also wanted to change my own habits when it came to buying gifts for others or myself. I believe in brands and products that are made to last, support local artisans, created from recycled goods and have a positive impact, and that is what we champion at A Circle Back. By changing our buying and spending habits in this way,  I believe we can make a huge difference in the world. These items should become common place and not a luxury for those who seek them out. 

A Circle Back is a place to find new and exciting products, which might not be as well known as others.  Our mission at A Circle Back is to find relevant and beautiful products that support modern lifestyles and local artisans, whilst creating a positive impact to people and the environment.

Purchase positive presents, thoughtful treats, spend on sustainability and commit to design-led conscious products. Find our top ten products for the eco-traveller, world wanderer and happy camper below

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Turtle Bag
1. Lightweight and Reusable Turtle Bag

Easy to store in a suitcase, handbag or backpack, a turtle bag is an essential travel companion.

Magically expandable with a fantastic capacity and a long handle that can be put over your shoulder, these turtle bags are great to take away with you everywhere and anywhere! Each bag can hold up to 40kg, so whether you are using it for beach days or market trips, your new best friend will be right by your side! 

A happy addition for plastic free travel and there is the option if different colours! 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Reusable Bottle
2. The essential Reusable Bottle

We offer a collection of beautifully designed reusable bottles. Perfect for flights or long journeys, these excellent steel reusable bottles keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Great for a range of climates and available in a plethora of designs to keep your hydration individual. 

If glass is more your style, we have got you covered! These beauties are also a great option. And don’t worry, the glass is tough, so it will withstand travelling and being bounced around in your backpack! 

I often wondered whether you can bring reusable bottles on planes. You can! All you need to do is make sure it’s empty for security checks, then ask a café or restaurant to fill up with tap water prior to flying. Another way of ridding your journeys of single use plastics whilst importantly staying hydrated while travelling. 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Swim Shorts
3. Dock & Bay Swim Shorts

If you’re off to warm shores, or know of someone who is, then these swim shorts are the perfect gift. Each pair is made out of six recycled plastic bottles, so rather than filling up our oceans and landfill, plastic waste is put to good use with innovative design and turned into shorts instead.

They come in a handy fabric pouch, so they can fit into even the smallest of travel bags. 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Bamboo Toothbrush
4. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Everyone’s has to keep their pearly whites clean on the road and what better way to do it than with a bamboo brush. These brushes are made from bamboo and come with a variety of coloured bristles for easy identification.

Available in child and adult sizes, there are options for all the family.

What’s more 10p from every purchase is donated to marine life conservation. 

Bamboo toothbrush attributes.png


Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Bamboo Towel
5. The luxury of a Cotton Hammam Towel

Don't you miss the luxury of a good towel when you are travelling? Quick dry towels are great, but they also feel weird! Well this item is a perfect travel companion for your next adventure!

The hammam towel is ultra-light weight and versatile,100% cotton and quick drying! They are great for a range of activities and can be used on the beach, at home-stays, for visiting temples, as a blanket on long bus journey, for yoga and even as a scarf!

They can be folded into tiny dimensions too. Made by a small family run business in Turkey, the yarn is OEKO-TEX certified so no toxic dyes are used.

5% of profits are donated to ocean conservation charities. 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Notebook
6. Travel Journal

A absolute must-have item for any trip is a notebook! You can use it for journal entries, anecdotes, contacts, sketching etc. There are lots of lovely options from Nikki Strange available on site.

These notebooks are printed on 100% recycled FSC certified paper using eco-friendly vegetable inks. Each notebook has a beautiful painterly designed cover. 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Shampoo Bar
7. Plastic Free & all Natural Shampoo & Body Wash Bars

Store in a tin and take a eco-friendly body wash with you wherever you go. Completely plastic free and smelling divine, these handy body wash bars are a great companion on any trip and can be used at home afterwards too.

And whilst you are your packing plastic-free body wash when you are off on your adventures, why not pop a shampoo bar in your wash bag aswell? Solid shampoo bars are a great travelling companion, easy to pack and kind to the environment. Make the switch from shampoo bottles to these blocks and cut down on your plastic use and waste!

Both 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, package free. 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Football
8. Park Ball

You might have to take this one on your adventures deflated and find a pump on arrival, but that is so much better than buying a throw away one.

And for every football you buy from A Circle Back, one is donated to a child in need. One for one.

Have a social impact and get a great new ball for playing with your new travelling friends! 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Mintie Pots
9. Mintie Pots

Snacks are important for any long journey. For the bulk buyers amongst us, these handy pots, with easily identifiable coloured lids, are perfect for separating snacks.

They are completely leak proof, have hundreds of uses and they can be placed in the freezer too! Nuts, fruits, dressings, oil, chocolate, dips - the options for contents are endless! 

Go Travel and Talk x A Circle Back Bento Bags
10. Bento Bags

Handmade in London, these fabric bags are knotted to create a simple handle.

A great alternative to a sandwich bag or a make-up or wash bag. These handy fabric pouches come in a red & cream geometric pattern or a pink stalk pattern.

Made with conscious consumerism in mind, in London. 

Gifts that give back should become something everyone seeks out...

I hope that these travel items inspire you to think about how you spend your money. Purchasing products with purpose supports sustainability and also makes this way of thinking more common place.

In a world full of unnecessary ‘stuff’, make the pieces you do buy, matter. 

Feel good from doing good & supporting small brands with big ideas. We only have one world, which we all share & are lucky enough to explore. Let’s make sure this is the same for future generations and be more thoughtful in our purchasing too!

And the WINNER of our Giveaway is....


Go Travel and Talk


HELENGE1990 send the team at Go Travel and Talk an email to arrange the delivery of your bundle of sustainable goodies!!

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