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Asset Based Community Development 101

1st Feb 2020

So what is Asset Based Community Development? We'll run through what it is, tools and theories behind it, how it differs from other development and more.

7 Life Changing Benefits of Travelling Alone

15th Jan 2020

Travelling alone can be scary, overwhelming and down right terrifying. BUT, it could also change your life, here's how...

Volunteering in Vietnam: A Change of Perspective

9th Jan 2020

Volunteering in Northern Vietnam in the Ha Giang Provence with the Hill Tribes changed the way I see the world. It was an eye opening experience and one I knew I had to share.

Backpacking Essentials For South America

27th Dec 2019

Planning for an upcoming trip to South America can mean a packing list nightmare! Luckily, Go Travel and Talk have got you covered, with our Backpacking Essentials For South America.

Living In An Off The Grid Community in Guatemala

10th Dec 2019

"The most beautiful part of this "human experiment" is that, unlike our blood families, none of us are tied here, and yet we all stay..."

The Power and Importance of Diversity in Storytelling

2nd Dec 2019

Storytelling is a universal experience, but as travellers, we quickly learn that a good story has irrevocable power on our view of the world. And the more we travel, the more diverse the power of these stories can be.

Colombia’s Tourism: Through Local Eyes.

4th Nov 2019

From the devastation left by the 90's drug war, it was hard to imagine the impressive wave of tourism Colombia is seeing today.But is that good or bad? What do the local Colombians REALLY think?

Long Haul Flying: Your Survival Guide

17th Oct 2019

Felling anxious about an upcoming long haul flight? Don't worry! Because we have researched and carefully created an in-depth long haul flight survival guide just for YOU!

Go Travel and Talk Blogger Feature Of The Month

18th Sep 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Blog Feature of the Month’ September 2019 goes to Emily Farthing, the inspiration behind the incredible platform 'Eat Pray Bike'.

Housesitting: How I Get Paid To Travel, So You Can Too!

5th Sep 2019

House sitting is an incredible resource and it baffles me why more people don't do it. Whether you are looking for a weekend escape, free accommodation for a few months, or to create a viable side hustle, house sitting offers it all.

Go Travel and Talk Organisation Feature of the Month

31st Aug 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s 'Organisation Feature of the Month' August 2019 goes to 'Justice Travel' ~ an organisation committed to bridging the gap between tourism and human rights.

Valbonë to Theth, Albania: Europe's most beautiful hike.

17th Aug 2019

The Valbonë to Theth hike in Albania is famously known as 'Europe's most beautiful hike' and after spending 4 days exploring it, it certainly lives up to the hype. Here is our detailed itinerary so you can enjoy it too.