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Book a tour with Go Travel and Talk

Great! So you know where you would like to go. You have read our travel guides, done your research and picked the perfect place for your next adventure!

But you might still have questions about the logistics and would like to understand a little more about how it all works in your chosen destination. Or maybe you would like some first hand knowledge of the best activities to get involved in whilst you are out there exploring. 

Whether it is swinging through the trees in Costa Rica, scaling mountains in Colombia or exploring secret waterfalls in Bali, we can help!


Why should I book a tour with Go Travel and Talk?

--> All of our tours have been personally experienced and tried and tested by us.

--> We only work with smaller, local run organisations, to ensure your money is kept local.

--> Our tour operators are part of the Go Travel and Talk family and they will always aim to provide an unforgettable experience for you. 

--> By booking with us, you will be supporting local organisations and their families as well as the GTT community. 

--> Depending on the tour, there is the opportunity to tailor it to your timings, needs and wants. 


How do I book a tour with Go Travel and Talk?

The cost of each tour is dependent on what you would like to do and the time frame you are working to.

To organise a tour with us, simply send us an email of which tour operator you would like to book with, and we can discuss the logistics and what is going to be best for you.


I'm ready to book!

Great! So once we have discussed the tour and created an incredible experience to suit you and your needs, we will send you the total cost of booking the experience.

Then, all you need to do is pay a small deposit using the PayPal button below, and the rest is paid to the tour operator upon arrival - SIMPLES.