Go Travel and Talk's Mission

To create a travel platform that empowers solo travellers to explore, share and make a positive impact in the world.


How do we achieve this?

Go Travel and Talk provides detailed travel guides to worldwide destinations with solo travellers in mind. We break down how to navigate transportation, the best budget accommodation options, great local places to eat and what to see and do. As much as we can, we offer volunteering opportunities in our travel guides, so our community have the chance to make a positive impact whilst traveling.  
Go Travel and Talk also offers a community blog space exploring global issues, sustainable travel topics, helpful travel tips, social impact initiatives, unique travel experiences and personal stories.  We want  to offer a space where solo travellers, non-profit organisations and game-changers within the travel industry can connect, inspire and educate each other through sharing their insights, knowledge, and expertise. We invite any organisation or individual passionate about these topics to join us and contribute!



Why did we create Go Travel and Talk?

Psychology of Exploration

Because exploring is awesome! And we believe everyone should explore as much and as far as they possibly can! Psychological research shows that solo travel and experiencing life outside of our comfort zone, can be great for our well-being in terms of helping you deal with change, being more adaptable, more open, more conscientious and promoting overall personal growth. Solo travel also gives us the opportunity to learn about history, cultures, languages, geography, and so much more. However, we at Go Travel and Talk understand it can feel terrifying, costly and overwhelming to explore outside of our comfort zones. Go Travel and Talk was created to encourage and empower each other to travel solo and explore with the support of a worldwide community. 


Community & Sharing

 Because community is equally as awesome! Human connection and a sense of belonging is one of our basic human needs. What better way to meet this need than be a part of a community of solo travellers who empower each other to explore, share and impact! Community gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge, build valuable relationships and create a deeper sense of belonging. Go Travel and Talk is a supportive community that is rich in resources and diverse skills and expertise. We are all working together to achieve our common goal of creating an platform to encourage, inspire, and educate each other to travel solo and make a positive impact when we do. 



Whilst travel and community are definitely awesome, we’ve learned that tourism can have many socially and environmentally harmful effects. Tourism can often lead to the exploitation of people, communities, and cultures. The volunteer-tourism industry can also do more harm than good if they are not in line with what communities actually need. Additionally, tourism contributes to increased carbon footprints, plastic waste, deforestation, pollution, and animal endangerment. For these reasons, Go Travel and Talk seeks to do its part in shaping the future of travel by being a platform that connects solo travellers with opportunities to work with well-researched organisations and local projects to make a positive impact through their travels. Go Travel and Talk also seeks to be a forum for discussion of these topics through our community blog so we can educate each other and learn together how we can make a more positive impact in the world.


 If YOU would like to get involved and help shape the future of travel, please head to our CONTACT page and send us a message.


Meet the Go Travel and Talk Team


Cj ~ Founder

Hey I’m Cj, one of the many people behind creating Go Travel and Talk. Whilst I now live in England, I have grown up all over the world. I went to the University of Manchester, graduating with a MSc in Psychology, and after returning from South America last year, I founded Go Travel and Talk.

I am a massive believer that travelling is the best education you can give yourself. I have learnt more on the road than I have ever done sat in a classroom. I have learnt about cultures, traditions, history, politics, languages; but I have also learnt how to build relationships with people from all walks of life, how to be comfortable in my own company, how to problem solve and the importance of making a POSITIVE IMPACT through volunteering opportunities. But for some people, especially first time travellers, the idea travelling on their own is so terrifying that fear often trumps adventure. I founded Go Travel and Talk because I am passionate about sharing the benefits of stepping outside of your comfort zone through travel. I believe it is equally important to make a positive impact through travel and to understand the communities we visit, fostering sustainable practices to help shape the future of travel. Go Travel and Talk offers a space to bring all of this together and to encourage each other to: EXPLORE, SHARE AND IMPACT. 


Maggie ~ Content Creator

Hi, hello, what’s up! I’m Maggie, an avid writer, gardener, feminist, and explorer of both inner and outer worlds. I’m from all over the place, growing up as a child in New Jersey, England, California, and Illinois, and finding myself as a young adult in Colorado and Hawaii, before calling Antigua, Guatemala home. I received my formal education from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, graduating with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish and am a Masters in Social Work candidate from the same school. Everything else I have learnt from plants and traveling.

I am passionate about trauma studies and the interplay between individuals, communities, and systems and the art of reaching our potential. I am inspired by people and places, but most of all, the stories they hold. I believe we are our impact in the world, but moreover, we are transformed by who and what we impact. In 2018, I had the opportunity to live, work, play, volunteer, and travel through Colombia and Central America where I learned so much about myself and the world. I joined Go Travel and Talk as to help create a community-based and social-impact driven travel platform. For these reasons, I am so excited to be able to combine my passions and beliefs and be a part of Go Travel and Talk to continue to explore and share with as many people as possible!


Delphine ~ Content Creator

Salut à tous!

I am Delphine; I am originally from France; I grew up in the suburbs of Paris in a bi-racial family (my mom is from France and my dad from Central African Republic). Today I live in Toronto, Canada, and when I am not backpacking, I work in finance.

I’ve been backpacking for few years now, and I have recently started to write about my travels and adventures. I find writing very comforting: laying down my thoughts, recording my adventures and the places I have been to, the people I met, the food I have tasted and some of the things I should have probably not have done… I believe that travel is about sharing your experiences, almost like 'if you don’t talk about it, it never happened' type of thing. Reading back through my journals every now and then and reliving those moments, is such a wonderful feeling. It always puts a smile on my face, makes me want to go back and reminds me that I am so fortunate to be able to travel as much as I have…

So, If I can share these emotions and experiences with fellow travellers through the Go Travel and Talk network then, La vie est belle!

Go Travel And Talk Writer Jen - Travel Journalist

Jen ~ Content Creator

Hi! I’m Jen. I grew up in New Zealand where I spent my time hiking, kayaking, not wearing shoes, reading Harry Potter and playing Sega games. In my young adulthood, I studied Psychology back home in Wellington while developing my affinity for wine, vegan food, comics and travelling at every opportunity I could. Since leaving New Zealand, I have called Sri Lanka, Colombia, the US and the UK home. I have driven a rickshaw across India, stayed in a Monastery in Thailand and volunteered in the jungles of Costa Rica. It is these experiences that I treasure the most.

I am now living in London, working for an International Development charity and doing a Masters in International Humanitarian Psychosocial Intervention, with the hopes of using this experience to give back to developing communities in a more meaningful way. I travel because I am motivated by opportunities to learn about people, places and food and the stories behind different cultures. While travelling provides us with great memories, open-mindedness, more confidence and helps us to be happier, it also reminds us of the diverse upbringings and experiences people have and the challenges faced by others in different parts of the world. I have joined Go Travel and Talk because I believe in the importance of mindful travel and enriching your travels by giving back to individuals and communities you encounter where possible.

Go Travel And Talk Writer Celia - Travel Journalist

Celia ~ Content Creator

I am Celia, I am French and 30 years old.

Today I am standing in my beautiful home town Strasbourg, which I left early and often to explore unknown lands. With my parents and from a young age, I traveled across Europe and explored its capitals, which made me feel alive and I quickly became curious of what else is out there. Later on, I spent some study years in the UK and in Beijing which finally opened my eyes to the big wide world. Nowadays, I live for travelling. I like exploring and discovering new cultures, new ways of thinking and obviously fooood! Olalalala I loooove food diversity!!!!

The best thing about traveling is that it makes me feel like a child again, being in a huuuuge playground and continuously learning the lessons of life. Three things you should know about me:

  1. I am a hopeless optimist
  2. I laugh about everything and anything
  3. I hate it when people figure out that I m French when I speak English, even after just one word!

I hope you like some of the stories and experiences I share with you via Go Travel and Talk, so you can discover some of the beauties of seeing the world through a child’s eyes and fill your blank pages with endless wonders. I am more than happy to join Go Travel and Talk to share my experiences, tips and French way of seeing life...

Go Travel And Talk Writer Andy Murphy

Andy ~ Content Creator

Hi, I'm Andy. I've spent the last 8 years travelling around the world exploring different countries, different oceans, and myself. I now live in a community in Guatemala for half of the year and spend the other half teaching Scuba Diving and Sailing. My biggest passion is Scuba Diving along with dancing, drinking cacao (because who doesn't like chocolate?) kirtans and drum circles, reading, yoga and meditation. Along the path, I found the joy and stillness of being one with myself. Its here where I try to keep balanced, between the creative day to day life of living in a community and staying in my centre.

I co-create diving and yoga retreats now where all of the exploration and creativity of the past 8 years is put into beautiful projects where we can all share our talents and learn from each other. Please check out our new website for our Diving and Yoga Retreat in March/April in Guatemala, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in sharing this space with us. I am excited to be apart of the Go Travel and Talk community and share my stories with you and learn from one another. 

Go Travel and Talk Emily

Emily ~ Content Creator

Hey there! My name is Emily. I am originally from the United States where I studied psychology and creative writing at the University of Colorado. I always have about 5 half read books in my bag, collect weird postcards, and have a deep love for llamas and other furry creature (I have befriended most of the stray dogs in my town). I currently reside in Arequipa, Peru, where I have been living for the past four months. Before Peru, I was solo traveling for 7 months around the world. My time traveling was spent between seeing tourists sites and working on farms and volunteering in hostels. I always found it far more rewarding to travel in this way, immersing myself deeply into the culture, learning the language, and living with the locals. After 7 months, I got sick of packing my bags all the time, so I decided to get certified to teach English, which is what I am happily doing now!

I have always been passionate about travel. I have been fortunate enough to have been traveling since I was young, acquiring the incessant itch to explore early on. I travel because I am restless and I’m always seeking new places and experiences. Through this addiction, I have discovered so much more than I ever could have from staying in one place. The richness of experience and knowledge that travel brings to your life is unmatchable to a college education, not to mention the people, the food, the language, the culture… it’s all sooo good! Writing about my travels is a way for me to share what I have learned and hopefully encourage others to do the same. So many people are stuck in the mindset that they can’t go travel, but I want to help show them it's possible and it’s really easy! I joined Go Travel and Talk because I wanted to be apart of a travel community where I can share my stories and learn about the stories of others, living an unconventional lifestyle through travelling.


Valentina ~ Content Creator

Hello ! I'm Valentina and I am 21 years old. I live in Cali, Colombia the capital of salsa! I love photography and I enjoy taking pictures in every place where I go ❤ I love to travel because I can meet new places, cultures, dishes, and new people. That is one of the biggest reasons why I love to travel, because I can make friends in every part of the world. 

I write for Go Travel and Talk because I believe in sharing our experiences and supporting each other with various topics, and also because we can have contact with people from around the world and I love this. 

Here you can always find a friend in me so if you need to know something about any topic and you think I can help you, just send me a message through the Go Travel and Talk contact page.  

Louise Go Travel and Talk

Louise ~ Content Creator

I am a constant wanderer and hopeless dreamer based in London. I am a guilty feminist, Harry Potter lover, self proclaimed foodie, yoga enthusiast and collector of ceramics for my future home. 

I studied Architecture across 3 cities and grew up in the English countryside before making London my home.  As an Architect and Interior Designer I’m wired for wanderlust, seeking beauty and inspiration from everything I stumble across, from the pastel hues of India’s water at dusk to the intricate weavings made in the mountains of Peru. 

Being a designer I love discovering and researching new cityscapes and landscapes. I have joined the Go Travel and Talk community because I would love to share my passion of travel with others, whilst learning from like minded people on how we can see the world but limit our impact at the same time. The world is such a beautiful place and the more I travel, the bigger the world becomes and the more I want to explore.


Anna Go Travel and Talk

Anna ~ Content Creator

I’m Anna, a London-based travel lover and thrill-seeker. I’m always happiest outside, whether it’s hiking, exploring, or sight-seeing, and especially when I’m off learning to surf, black water raft or skydive!

Over the years I’ve curated numerous trips around the world using inspiration from advice I’ve found on blogs, community sites and personal itineraries. Writing for Go Travel and Talk is my way of giving back; I really believe in creating a community of like-minded travellers to share ideas and inspiration.

Travelling is a way of immersing myself in a completely different lifestyle to the one I live in the UK. I love experiencing the natural wonders of the world, as well as absorbing the history, culture, food and beliefs of the places that I visit. Back home I head up a marketing team for a UK publisher and in my free time I can be found in our little pocket of South West London, recreating some of the meals we’ve learned to cook abroad, tending to our tiny veg patch or getting out and exploring all that the capital has to offer.


Melisa ~ Content Creator

Hi there! I’m Mel, a California native with a fiery passion for experiencing as much of this big beautiful world as possible. I was born and raised in sunny Surf City USA, and received my BS in Nutritional Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley. My passion of healing through food and the desire to help others led me to my job as a health and wellness coach. I work remotely for a digital health company, where communication with my clients is done virtually. This has enabled me to create a location independent lifestyle and incorporate my passion for travel. Thus far, I have called Australia, Bali, and Guatemala my longer term “homes” and they each hold a very special place in my heart. Traveling solo has taught me more about myself than I ever could have imagined. It has shown me the person I want to be and has helped me appreciate what is most important in life.

Since being on the road, I have realized that there is more to traveling than ticking things off of a list. I am now on a journey to make my traveling more impactful, in order to protect and respect our beautiful planet and the communities we are visiting. I am thankful to be a part of the Go Travel and Talk community where these opportunities are being made more accessible. Traveling has fueled my soul in more ways than one, and I am so excited to continue to share, inspire, and help others leave their comfort zones and see all that this world has to offer.




indiGO Volunteers is a charity that connects volunteers with humanitarian projects around the globe as a fee-free service. On our travels we have found that many small grassroots organisations do not have the time or network to find volunteers that keep their projects running. Conversely, we have found that people who want to volunteer often fit it difficult to identify projects that need their specific skills and meet their values. 

By matching the right volunteers to the right projects, Indigo helps humanitarians focus on their objectives rather than spending precious time navigating the confusing and increasingly commercialised aid sector. We mainly work with smaller grassroots organisations, where humans like you and me support other humans coping with poverty, displacement and inequality. Besides our matchmaking efforts, we support projects in setting up good volunteer practices whilst also preparing volunteers themselves for the often challenging tasks that lie ahead.

Indigo works with projects around the globe, currently with a focus on teams working alongside the European refugee route in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia, where urgent help is needed

Hotels that Help

Hotels That Help

Hotels That Help is the new, non-profit travel booking website committed to ending homelessness. Run entirely by volunteers, all money raised through Hotels That Help is donated directly to homeless charities. Hotels The Help is powered by big names in the world of travel such as Skyscanner, Booking.com and now Go Travel and Talk. Thanks to great deals that Hotels That Help have with Booking.com, 7% of the whole booking price is directly used to help the homeless ~ at no added cost to the customer. All you have to do is go via the Hotels That Help website, and you could change lives without it costing you a thing!

Ending homelessness, one trip at a time. 

Justice Travel

Justice Travel

Justice Travel is a social impact travel company, bridging travel and human rights. In partnership with front line human rights activists, community leaders and journalists, we offer unique travel experiences around the world for people who want to move beyond traditional tourism - for people who want to truly engage with the people and places they visit. Our small group tours take you behind the headlines, seeing each country through the eyes of inspiring women and men fighting for justice in their countries and their communities. Our expert Country Representative is with you every step of the way, helping peel back the layers of these complex countries. As a traveller, your role is to learn and return; to return to your own community and advocate actively on behalf of our partners, achieving an impact together than neither could alone. With our first tours in Latin America in 2018, we invite you to become part of the Justice Travel global community 



Gemtrack is team of passionate travellers who are on a mission of making slow & sustainable travel accessible to travellers around the world. We want travellers to experience the best that Bali, Lombok, Goa and Sri Lanka have to offer in a more conscious and ethical way. Together with our team of explorers we have selected the most unique and memorable travel gems in each of our destinations. Besides offering a unique experience, these travel gems focus on making positive impact! Through authentic encounters with inspiring people and unique experiences, we hope that everyone who travels with us discovers how fun it is to travel consciously.

We are collaborating with Go Travel and Talk because we believe that it is important to join hands with people who are on a similar mission and who's values align with ours. Together we can make bigger steps towards creating positive impact! Also: we love the focus on the psychological effects of travelling ~ every traveller will agree that travel has an effect on the psyche, but it is even better to find a platform devoted to researching and writing about this!



NuMundo is a network of locations for co-living, co-working, personal transformation, and re-connection with nature. Our platform answers the growing demand for purpose and physical participation in new ways of living. NuMundo offers an "exit" from centralized systems and the opportunity to participate in new emerging economies that value community, self-sufficiency, realization of human potential, decentralization of power, and environmental restoration. Through the NuMundo network, more people are connecting to their purpose, and participating in a global revolution towards regenerative living. 

We are honored to collaborate with Go Travel and Talk to empower more people to seek deeper travel experiences in the "NuSphere!" We are grateful that mission-aligned platforms like Go Travel and Talk are out there, working toward our shared vision of regenerative travel. We can't wait to see our communities grow together. 

Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology

Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology

The Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology is situated in Israel's southern Arava desert. We demonstrate and develop creative permaculture design techniques in extreme desert conditions. Our flagship programme, Green Apprenticeship, is a hands on training programme with indepth theoretical lectures. It includes a number of topics, such as permaculture design, sustainable engineering, sustainable organic agriculture and natural and energy efficient building designs and techniques. The course has been created to help students develop their skills and knowledge through practical work in our environmental education center, organic gardens and alternative natural construction projects. We offer a variety of other educational courses and always welcome new people into our home in the desert with open arms. 

Misión Surf México

Misión Surf México

Misión Surf México is Chiapas' first not-for-profit hotel, surf school and community outreach centre. Born from Misión México's passion for the ocean, Misión Surf México opened its doors in 2017 and works to deliver the message of love, life and hope to the impoverished community of Villa del Sol. The young adults of Misión México run free community classes offering opportunities of empowerment, education and employment for the women and children, as well as creating a safe space for the young adults to come and learn, away from the dangers of the streets and gang life.

We offer our hotel for exclusive hire to groups or individuals, inviting them to stay and surf with us, all the time knowing that as a not-for-profit, every penny they spend will support our social impact mission.

We are so pleased to be partnering with Go Travel and Talk, a fantastic a forward thinking platform with positive impact at the forefront. We hope to reach a community of conscious travellers through our partnership, and inspire them to come and help us build and support Misión Surf México.

Follow us on Instagram; @mision_surf_mexico and Facebook; Mision Surf Mexico for daily updates.