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Top 10 Sustainable Travel Essentials With A BIG Positive Impact!

10th Jun 2019

Go Travel and Talk have teamed up with A Circle Back, to bring you 10 travel essentials that give back for the eco-friendly and sustainable traveller.

Colombia: 7 Of The Most Unique Hostels You Cannot Miss

25th May 2019

After spending 2.5 months exploring Colombia, I fell madly in love with it. I experienced some of the BEST and most unique hostels on my solo adventures to date, and now you can too.

Go Travel and Talk Blog Feature of the Month

2nd May 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Blog Feature of the Month’ May 2019 goes to 'Bamboo & Backpacks' by Linda and Caleb, sustainable travel bloggers from Argentina and the UK.

Join a Desert Oasis of Creative Ecology

29th Apr 2019

Based in the heart of Israel's southern Arava desert, Kibbutz Lotan's Centre of Creative Ecology, offers important insights into organic food production, ecological building methods and permaculture and now there is the chance to join them!

The perfect itinerary for two weeks in Japan

13th Apr 2019

If you are planning a trip to Japan, let us help you with our perfect 2 week itinerary; exploring ancient traditions, temples and understanding modern day living in this enigmatic country.

Go Travel and Talk Organisation Feature of the Month

13th Apr 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s 'Organisation Feature of the Month' April 2019 goes to 'Indigo Volunteers' ~ a platform that matches volunteers with worldwide volunteering opportunities.

10 Ridiculously Cool Things To Do on San Pedro as a Solo Traveller!

2nd Apr 2019

San Pedro is a fairytale island off the coast of Belize. After living here for three years, we know the BEST ways to enjoy the island, and now you do too!

What Social Media Doesn’t Tell You About Solo Travel: The Blessing In Disguise

30th Mar 2019

Solo travel can be the most connecting experience you will ever have, but here is the thing; it can also be shockingly isolating and incredibly lonely at times.

How you can benefit from solo travel

19th Mar 2019

Solo travel can be scary, overwhelming and down right terrifying. BUT, it could change your life for the BETTER, here's how...

Go Travel and Talk Blog Feature of the Month

16th Mar 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Blog Feature of the Month’ March 2019 goes to 'The Green Shoestring' by Sam and Ashley, sustainable travel bloggers from the US.

PLASTIC: What now? 6 Steps You Can Take To Help

8th Mar 2019

The problem of plastic is at an all time high. The question is, with over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic currently in our oceans, can we save our planet?

Ayahuasca Tea | A psychotropic experience into higher consciousness.

2nd Mar 2019

Ayahuasca. What is it? Where does it come from? Why do people do it? Join Go Travel and Talks personal account of the plant based medicine.